Mother’s Day 2013

The day was perfect! I always am thinking of ways to do special things for mom or what amazing one of a kind  gift i can buy. However, as I have gotten older i have realized the best gift you can give someone is your time.  Because, time equals memories and they are far better than any little trinket.

The day started off with us going to church and then meeting up with the rest of the family at Tangelwood Ordinary for lunch/dinner…or as I like to call it lunner. Tangelwood Ordinary is a place we used to go quite often when we wanted some good old southern cooking! It’s all very good!  Basically, you eat till it hurts and then eat more!

So, afterwards we went to moms house and I helped her in the garden. Now, for years, both mom and grandma have always tried to get me into flowers and planting things. I always said well I can buy a tomato at the store for 75 cents…and, well… the flowers are great but the weeding is such a such a chore!

Well, this weekend I finally found myself enjoying gardening. As the sun was shining and the wind blowing it was very calming digging in the dirt. Somehow, getting messy wasn’t as uncomfortable as it used to be. Guess it’s (a getting older thing). Ugh can’t believe i said that! Anyway… we planted corn, tomatoes and gourds.  Hopefully they will grow. By the way the nasty cicada bugs are back and boy are they gross! (See photos) They remind me of the movie alien which was a horrible gross movie and I still have nightmares. Yuck!

The day ended with taking photos of little man, “My nephew” with his mom, a.k.a., my amazing sister. Something that has happened as we have gotten older she has become pretty cool. I also took some beautiful Iris photos, (moms favorite flower). Guess what! Upon studying them they actually are pretty darn interesting and almost magical. Yes, after all these years I can finally appreciate flowers and gardening stuff.

Thanks Mom for everything you do! You are a wonderful teacher of life and love. I can’t express how much you mean to me and I am blessed and thankful to have you as my Mom. 

My amazing Sister 🙂


Mom, Uncle Tim, Uncle Bruce and Grandma <3 xo


Never a dull moment during photo taking!


My adorable Nephew! 

Trust me there was a lot of funny faces and weird sounds being made to get them smiles! 


There is a flower on my head! hehehe!


Love that baby!  One of the only photos I have with me and him smiling because when you are always the one with the camera… its hard to get photos of yourself! HA! thanks Mallory! xo <3


~Into the Garden~

 Little seed make some corn!

“you say potatoe I say potato”

Can’t wait for the juicy tomatoes!


After hanging around underground for 17 years the nasty loud cicada’s are back!

The brown shell and cicada bug

Amazing woman my Mom!