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A Year in Review 2014

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Alight, time to sit down and look back at 2014 and get pumped about 2015! To everyone who was in front of my lens this past year, I want to say in the most humblest of voices … thank you. Without my new friends, “clients”, I wouldn’t have this business that allows me to be creative and find pure joy in being a photographer. With every image I take, be it a smiling toddler or a kissing bride and groom, I LOVE watching these images unfold in front of my lens. . It was a WONDERFUL year that was full of weddings, senior and family photo sessions! I had some amazing images that came out of 2014 and this blog post showcases some of my favorites! I will always be dedicated to capturing these Images in Play.

My wish for you is that your 2015 is full of adventure and many blessed days. Who knows maybe our paths will cross and you will be in front of my lens. See you soon! xo

Warmly, Meghan




  • Turned another year older with my Mom.
  • Had my photo published in the Richmond Magazine for the Tabacco Company.



  • Photo Session with the STUNNING Victoria! We had a great bridal session and then a sassy boudoir shoot.

1S6B3069_pp-1Victoria.Boudior_book (7 of 26)


  • My Nephew turned two! He had a Mickey Mouse Birthday! Oh I just love my sister and little man!
  • Photo Session with baby Henry! He is just too cute!
  • WEDDING! Shaun and Victoria said I DO! Jason and I had a wonderful time capturing their day!

wyatt2ndbay (190 of 206)





  • Photo session with Ashley and Chris! Went to the Hermitage and took their engagement photos.
  • Photo session with Elizabeth and Chris! Went to Maymont and took engagement photos.
  • Filmed Kaci and Bobby’s Wedding day! They got married at the historic Hanover Court House!
  • Memorial Day  Fun with my family and friends!
  • 902066_722668951089650_5054957912847210630_o1544456_724247300931815_836615772810429655_n10275907_731426283547250_1850934683824301298_n10295686_10101784736959876_3370951170097709692_n



  • WEDDING! Ashley and Chris said I DO! Such a wonderful couple and so glad to have been part of their day! Also, before the wedding I took a few shots of her trying on her dress at the bridal shop! Ashley is just amazing!
  • Photo Session with Baby Henry! Cake Smash photoshoot was too much fun…a little messy but FUN!!!
  • Small wedding with Elisabeth and Chris. Was such an honor to have met Chris’s Mother.
  • Jason’s son William came to VA for the summer so we had a blast at Kings Dominion! Even spent some time in the garden. That boy is too silly!



  • Enjoyed taking William to Lewis Ginter Butterfly exhibit and 4th of July with the family.





  • Erica had a wonderful Bridal Party and I was super happy she was marrying my friend Lee!
  • My friend Richard introduced me to Kevin who has this product called The Clawguard. We created a video for his site and it was so much fun to create! Watch it below!



  • My friend Lee got married to BEAUTIFUL Erica! I was a guest but if you know me there is going to be at least an iPhone photo! I loved doing Erica’s make up and it was a wonderful night!
  • My Mom had these CRAZY elephant ear plants that you just have to see to believe!
  • Some of my photography work showed up in the  local Valpak.



  • Photo Session with Senior Carter. This was an amazing session and I can’t wait to see what is next for Carter!
  • Spent Halloween with the Clary Family and took some photos for them! Love that family!
  • Went to the pumpkin patch with Jason.
  • Had the pleasure of photographing my Dad’sReunion! It was a BLAST!!! Even set up a photo booth area!




  • Photo Session with Lily and Jill two AMAZING Senior ladies!
  • My Cousin Bryn got married! I had never been to a wedding in the early Morning but it was lovely!
  • WEDDING of Chris and Elizabeth! This wedding had all the details and I love this couple!
  • Photo Session with little Cami! She turned two and was just too cute!
  • Photo Session with the Hall Family!
  • WEDDING of Heather and Matt! A STUNNING venue and Matt and Heather are just FANTASTIC!
  • Photo Session with my beautiful Sister, Wyatt and her bf Paul! I love these images!
  • Photo Session with the Thorpe Family!


Seniors-19Seniors-58Seniors-71IMG_1372E&C_Wedding-634E&C_Wedding-622IMG_1418cami-28cami-52IMG_1473IMG_1474revelle-9revelle-15aRevelle-1147Family-84leaf-8Family-63Thorpe-52 copy_ppThorpe-230Thorpe-210


  • Christmas was wonderful spending time with family!
  • Photo Session with the Millican Family.
  • New Years was surrounded by friends and had some sparking cider to end the night.


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Memorial Day Weekend Fun!

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Not only is it important to take time to remember why we have a 3-day weekend, but also to take time and reconnect with family and friends. That’s what this Memorial Day Weekend was all about for me and it was just beautiful! Of course, I had my camera by my side the whole time.

On Sunday, my friend Lee, who I have been friends with since middle school, came to visit with his beautiful finance Erica. I had never met Erica so I was excited to finally meet her. Erica is a lovely lady and I think they are super cute together! I am looking forward to their wedding day and am already working on a toast. We went to a firehouse BBQ and at the end of the night we all had s’mores around the campfire. It was a full day for sure!

On Monday, I came home and got ready to go to another cookout at Beebe and Jesse’s house. It was nice chatting with everyone and I even shot a game of pool. We all had some birthday cake for Gabe who is a teenager now! Also, Baby Henry got his first cupcake! A 1-year-old Cake Smash photo session is in the works! I absolutely can’t wait! Here are a few of my favorites from this weekend! Thanks to all my friends and family for a very nice weekend!

Thank you to all the service men and woman who serve our great country! We are the land of the FREE because of the BRAVE.


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A Year in Review 2013!

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This year has just flown by! I mean this whole-heartedly when I say I feel so blessed to do what I love. In the process of shaping my craft and growing as a business I have met so many amazing new friends or technical term, “clients”. Each photo session was a new set of experiences and treasured memories. I did have a nice fair share of acting gigs, which was great!

I am more than just some girl who acts and takes photos. I have a life full of being a Daughter, Sister, Girlfriend and Friend. When I look back at 2013 sure it was a great year! However, I am not going to sugar coat it as if the whole year was spectular and fire works went off and my life was just peachy! There were awesome days and there were some down right stinky days! When making this list I thought if I ever look back I want to remember the happy days and have a photo blog post of all that GREAT things that happened! So with out further adieu!


  • Turned another year older with my Mom.
  • Got my new camera the bad boy 5D MarkIII!













  • Built this word press site all by my self… while maintaining my sanity
  • Acting Job for FBI Criminal Pursuit




  • My Nephew turned one! He probably thinks my face is a camera. Love my sister and little man!


  • TRAVELED TO COSTA RICA! With my best friend Lee and we had a blast!



  • Got to act in an independent feature film called Available. Of course Jason shot it and made it look beautiful!



  • Acting job for TV show Happily Never After. Met some cool new folks!




  • William got to celebrate his 4th Birthday here in VA! It was super special!






  • Acting job for TV show – A Haunting. Got to be a ghost and met some more awesome people!



  • Two of my photos won the Capture – A Photography Contest by The Tobacco Company Restaurant.  Even won a gift card and had my photos printed on canvas!



  • Went to FL with Jason and we had a ball! He took my new head shots. Had good food and drinks the whole time. I even got my hair did at the Orbie Salon! Best hair cut I ever had!




  • Had my 10 Year HS Reunion. Of course I went with Lee and we always have a good time!


  • Went to see The Backstreet Boys with my sister and acted like a crazy 15 year old and had a BLAST! Oh and yeah I met them too! Holy cow that was awesome! Love you Mallory thanks for going with!




  • Had a photo session with Jason and William, who is  Jason’s Son if you can’t tell. He is such a cutie!


  • Had a photo session with the beautiful Ashley!




  • Filmed Crystal and Justin’s Wedding! Of course I had the talented Jason with me 🙂


  • Another acting job where I got to catch up with some friends I had not seen in over 9 years!


  • Photo Session with my dear friend Mark Joy.


  • My Grandma found her sea legs again and I got some beautiful shots of my Sister and little Nephew.


  • Made another video for Jon! If you haven’t signed up for his class yet… do it now!



  • Photographed Judy and Rich’s Wedding.




  • Had a photo session with Lucy!



  • Had a Photo Session with the Burke’s




  • Took Jason to Michie Tavern, Monticello and Natural Bridge



  • Photo Session with Chelsea and Dixie


  • Photo Session with the Lawrence’s




  • Acting job with my pal Richard Spencer for his new film. Oh this is going to be good!


  • Filmed the Hall Wedding


  • Saw John Mayer in Concert with my Mom! Yeah I know my mom is just awesome!


Had a wonderful Christmas with the family and now its time to Ring in the New Year! I think I did sleep sometime during 2013, but I honestly can’t remember! These were the highlights and whether or not anyone reads this post…”meh” its all gravy! I am a very blessed and lucky gal to have an amazing family and the best of friends!

My wish for you is that your 2014 is full of adventure and many blessed days.  Who knows maybe our paths will cross and you will be in front of my lens. Until then…

Bring it on 2014!



Family & Children In the field

Moments in time

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I know my nephew’s baptism was months ago, but I was waiting till I could find the right words.  Also, I was asked to take some photos for the church of the older baptismal fonts so I wanted to have those photos to accompany this blog post.

The day Wyatt was baptized I was running late and was already an emotional wreak trying not to speed on the way there.  Seeing my nephew in his little white outfit, I had this rush of peace over come me and I cried like a baby.  My friends and family will tell you that I am not one who really gets all mushy and sentimental; however, ever since Wyatt was born I have become a sap for everything he does.

So, here I am watching his baptism as tears are running down my face and realizing how nice it was to just be in the moment. I didn’t take any photos during the event because, one, they aren’t allowed and, two, I wanted to see and experience this event without a camera in my face. I usually am never without my camera and sometimes it’s hard for me not to look at things without worrying about how a shot looks. It was nice to be fully aware and just watching the reactions of my beautiful nephew and sister and her fiancé looking on.

I know not everyone is religious and this blog post is not meant to force anything on anyone. This is a personal post for my experiences and my life as a photographer. Life is a beautiful gift we have been given and it is very important to take time to reflect and be thankful. I don’t care if you are super religious or an atheist; there are things in this world that can’t be explained (I call miracles) and breathtaking sights to be seen. There is something bigger than ourselves and for me that is God. Personally, I was baptized in a Presbyterian Church and now go to a Lutheran Church, but I have been to many various churches and experienced all sorts of services. The bottom line in almost all of them is the idea of being a good human being and doing right by others. The morals and values from the stories told to me in church I have taken with me into adulthood and have served me well. Not only learning right from wrong but having a deeper understanding how to be compassionate and caring for others and to forgive and love quickly and to see the good in others.  Yes, I pray and am thankful for everyday that I can breathe air in my lungs and wake up and speak my feelings and laugh with my family and friends and I try to see the beauty in everything and everyone. I am thankful for my family, my nephews silly smile, the waves crashing on a beach, the stars in the night’s sky and the small miracles that happen everyday.

The world is big and there is much to be seen.  I am thankful and blessed to be able to capture images and hope that with each one I am stopping a moment in time. Because we all need to play back memoires and take time to be in the moment.

Just take a moment, no matter if you are religious or not, and look up into the sky take a deep breathe and feel the wind on your face and be in the moment.  All we have are moments in time and good or bad they are all part of a big picture. Faith, Family, Love, and Moments in time.


Our Family Bible


Ok so these next few photos really show how funny this baby can be! (see below)

Yup this is a classic shot. Finger in the nose.

Check out the smile on his face. Ohhh he know’s its funny!

I couldn’t help but crack up laughing! Thanks to my sister for catching this moment! HAHAH!

These are just a few of the photos I took for the Church. These are the old retired baptismal fonts and from what I understand…The photos I have taken of the two fonts a list of names of all who were baptised with each one will be typed up and framed next to the photo of the font. Pretty special I think 🙂


Family & Children In the field

Mother’s Day 2013

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The day was perfect! I always am thinking of ways to do special things for mom or what amazing one of a kind  gift i can buy. However, as I have gotten older i have realized the best gift you can give someone is your time.  Because, time equals memories and they are far better than any little trinket.

The day started off with us going to church and then meeting up with the rest of the family at Tangelwood Ordinary for lunch/dinner…or as I like to call it lunner. Tangelwood Ordinary is a place we used to go quite often when we wanted some good old southern cooking! It’s all very good!  Basically, you eat till it hurts and then eat more!

So, afterwards we went to moms house and I helped her in the garden. Now, for years, both mom and grandma have always tried to get me into flowers and planting things. I always said well I can buy a tomato at the store for 75 cents…and, well… the flowers are great but the weeding is such a such a chore!

Well, this weekend I finally found myself enjoying gardening. As the sun was shining and the wind blowing it was very calming digging in the dirt. Somehow, getting messy wasn’t as uncomfortable as it used to be. Guess it’s (a getting older thing). Ugh can’t believe i said that! Anyway… we planted corn, tomatoes and gourds.  Hopefully they will grow. By the way the nasty cicada bugs are back and boy are they gross! (See photos) They remind me of the movie alien which was a horrible gross movie and I still have nightmares. Yuck!

The day ended with taking photos of little man, “My nephew” with his mom, a.k.a., my amazing sister. Something that has happened as we have gotten older she has become pretty cool. I also took some beautiful Iris photos, (moms favorite flower). Guess what! Upon studying them they actually are pretty darn interesting and almost magical. Yes, after all these years I can finally appreciate flowers and gardening stuff.

Thanks Mom for everything you do! You are a wonderful teacher of life and love. I can’t express how much you mean to me and I am blessed and thankful to have you as my Mom. 

My amazing Sister 🙂


Mom, Uncle Tim, Uncle Bruce and Grandma <3 xo


Never a dull moment during photo taking!


My adorable Nephew! 

Trust me there was a lot of funny faces and weird sounds being made to get them smiles! 


There is a flower on my head! hehehe!


Love that baby!  One of the only photos I have with me and him smiling because when you are always the one with the camera… its hard to get photos of yourself! HA! thanks Mallory! xo <3


~Into the Garden~

 Little seed make some corn!

“you say potatoe I say potato”

Can’t wait for the juicy tomatoes!


After hanging around underground for 17 years the nasty loud cicada’s are back!

The brown shell and cicada bug

Amazing woman my Mom!