Moments in time

I know my nephew’s baptism was months ago, but I was waiting till I could find the right words.  Also, I was asked to take some photos for the church of the older baptismal fonts so I wanted to have those photos to accompany this blog post.

The day Wyatt was baptized I was running late and was already an emotional wreak trying not to speed on the way there.  Seeing my nephew in his little white outfit, I had this rush of peace over come me and I cried like a baby.  My friends and family will tell you that I am not one who really gets all mushy and sentimental; however, ever since Wyatt was born I have become a sap for everything he does.

So, here I am watching his baptism as tears are running down my face and realizing how nice it was to just be in the moment. I didn’t take any photos during the event because, one, they aren’t allowed and, two, I wanted to see and experience this event without a camera in my face. I usually am never without my camera and sometimes it’s hard for me not to look at things without worrying about how a shot looks. It was nice to be fully aware and just watching the reactions of my beautiful nephew and sister and her fiancé looking on.

I know not everyone is religious and this blog post is not meant to force anything on anyone. This is a personal post for my experiences and my life as a photographer. Life is a beautiful gift we have been given and it is very important to take time to reflect and be thankful. I don’t care if you are super religious or an atheist; there are things in this world that can’t be explained (I call miracles) and breathtaking sights to be seen. There is something bigger than ourselves and for me that is God. Personally, I was baptized in a Presbyterian Church and now go to a Lutheran Church, but I have been to many various churches and experienced all sorts of services. The bottom line in almost all of them is the idea of being a good human being and doing right by others. The morals and values from the stories told to me in church I have taken with me into adulthood and have served me well. Not only learning right from wrong but having a deeper understanding how to be compassionate and caring for others and to forgive and love quickly and to see the good in others.  Yes, I pray and am thankful for everyday that I can breathe air in my lungs and wake up and speak my feelings and laugh with my family and friends and I try to see the beauty in everything and everyone. I am thankful for my family, my nephews silly smile, the waves crashing on a beach, the stars in the night’s sky and the small miracles that happen everyday.

The world is big and there is much to be seen.  I am thankful and blessed to be able to capture images and hope that with each one I am stopping a moment in time. Because we all need to play back memoires and take time to be in the moment.

Just take a moment, no matter if you are religious or not, and look up into the sky take a deep breathe and feel the wind on your face and be in the moment.  All we have are moments in time and good or bad they are all part of a big picture. Faith, Family, Love, and Moments in time.


Our Family Bible


Ok so these next few photos really show how funny this baby can be! (see below)

Yup this is a classic shot. Finger in the nose.

Check out the smile on his face. Ohhh he know’s its funny!

I couldn’t help but crack up laughing! Thanks to my sister for catching this moment! HAHAH!

These are just a few of the photos I took for the Church. These are the old retired baptismal fonts and from what I understand…The photos I have taken of the two fonts a list of names of all who were baptised with each one will be typed up and framed next to the photo of the font. Pretty special I think 🙂