Here's me, in short: I am in my early 30's/ From Italian, German and Welsh descent/ Actress/ Animal lover/ Traveler/ Lover of sweets and coffee/ I take picutres for a living!    

I am based in Richmond, Virginia. Will shoot anywhere and everywhere.

I work in both photo and video realms. I photograph everything from families to weddings. Creating video projects for businesses and social media. My style is documentary with focus on being clean, modern, and vibrant.

If you are looking for a wedding or family portrait photographer... please note I am not a studio photographer. Don't expect me to line you up on the couch in matching clothes for a contrived family photo-that's what Caston's or a mall photographer is for. Instead, expect to play, laugh, love on one another and live a normal "day in your life". I consider myself a documentary photographer and I aim to capture the human condition as is plays out in front of my lens. It's all in the name...Images In Play Photography.

These are captured memories, and its my goal as a photographer to give you the same...life captured through honest story telling. It's a true joy and honor for me to be considered in capturing these precious days of yours and mine...called life. There is nothing else I would rather do.