The Kings of Swing

So, I feel kind of bad because it’s been a long time since writing a blog post. However, there are good reasons! I have been working on a ton of photo shoots and a killer video project for my talented friend, Jon Casey, which I hope to be writing about soon!

KOS (aka The Kings of Swing) is a very well known band based out of Richmond VA. Check them out here KOS 

My uncle Bruce Swartz plays trumpet and my aunt Amy plays saxophone. They are very talented and I was stoked when they approached me about taking their band photos! I took some awesome shots of them at The Tobacco Company and then photographed them at their annual Dogwood Dell concert. (A BIG THANK YOU to The Tobacco Company for allowing me and KOS to come in before hours and have the photo shoot!)

Every year they put on a show at the Dogwood Dell. When I was little my family would take  me to the concert and it was a ball!  I always enjoyed  the music in the open air and hanging out with my cousins. I would just dance away on the cobblestone dance area that was right in front of the stage. (usually occurring with some sort of scraped knee, a snow cone always made the scraped knee feel better)

This year was very different for me. I was able to go backstage and also go on stage and do my photography thing! The Dell paved  over the cobblestone dance area, “thank goodness!”   I went backstage and checked it out, but to my surprise it wasn’t as magical as I thought it would be. There were no plush couches or fresh cut flowers or all the VIP things I had thought there might have been.  There was an old drink machine, empty coat hangers and lighted mirrors with the more efficient bulbs. No real glamour, as I had once thought. There was something still special about it. My uncle joked with his band mates and my aunt curled her hair with the scent of hair spray filling the air. It wasn’t how I had imagined, but it was still special to see them backstage and still swinging after all these years.

They took to the stage and the crowd clapped and cheered. Adults and children danced the night way. KOS was spectacular as always and I loved it.

Some things change but the music always goes on and the people move with it.




I will always love them sparkles!