Robbins Family

When I went to Costa Rica with my friend Lee, I had the pleasure of meeting Jessica and Travis. They are husband and wife and are truly amazing people! They are so down to earth and have a wicked sense of humor!  I enjoyed hanging out with them at all the fancy dinners and parties I attended while on the trip. At one of the dinners, I learned they had a little boy named Jackson and they really needed some updated family portraits. However, they wanted something a little different than the typical studio portraits. The more I talked with Jessica I noticed we had a lot in common! From the music we liked to what cartoons we watched when we were kids. It was crazy! I knew I just had to have a photo session with them!  I told her what my style of shooting was like and she was ready to book a session! Travis on the other hand wasn’t as eager. How much? Where would we have them taken? I told them not to worry and we could plan something once we were back in the states.

This photo shoot took what felt like months in planning! Mother nature was a real pain as we had  to re-schedule our shoot about 4 different times! It was sooo worth it we had the perfect day! These are some of my favorites from our shoot.

Thank you guys for being so amazing and I hope this will be the first of many shoots together!
-Meghan xo
He wanted me to blow the bubbles! hehehe look at that little pout!
How do you bribe kids to smile? Gummys of course!
Love this one!