Thanks for taking the time to read this long post! I hope you enjoy the photos, all of which are copyright, so… no stealing! Thanks xo

Costa Rica! I had a once in a lifetime chance to go to Costa Rica! The weather was beautiful and the people who live there were so welcoming. I will most certainly be going back again!

How did this all happen you say? Well… my dear friend Lee won a trip because he is awesome at his job and rocked out on sales.  Lee and I have been friends for over 15 years, since we were in middle school. We are like brother and sister and always find fun wherever we go!  We stayed at the JW Marriott  Resort & Spa located in Guanacaste, which is a province of Costa Rica located in the northwestern part of the country, along the coast of the Pacific Ocean.

A HUGE THANKS to my friend Lee for inviting me! Also, I have to say thank you to my boyfriend Jason for being cool with me going on this big adventure! Xo <3

Below, are the photos that I picked out of over 2000 I took! The cameras I used were my 5D markIII, iphone, and Sony cyber shot and all are mixed in. I have separated my adventure into days so it’s not a mass amount of photos without information.

PS: If you have a trip you are going on and need someone to document your trip all I have to say is…

Girl with camera will travel 😉

Day 1:

Traveling to Costa Rica! RIC to ATL then ATL to Liberia! The bus ride was most enjoyable with Lee providing entertainment (see the face with towel photo reference to the 1997  movie Face-Off.)  Interesting to see all sorts of homes on the side of the road. Makes me very thankful for what we have here in the US.


Face off


Once at the resort we took a walk and then enjoyed the amazing sunset.

 Piña Colada


At night we had a welcome party with awesome music and great food and some odd fish head thing! I didn’t touch it! Also, scored an awesome pair of sunglasses! Maui Jims.

No clue what this fish was but I was not about to try it! Look at the teeth on that thing!

Day 2:

Breakfast! THE BEST COFFEE IN THE WORLD nuff said! I had about four cups each morning. Of course I had waffles and the fruit was very good.


We went to snorkel just off Tamarindo Beach.  Here are photos of us loading the boat and on the boat. The boat ride and view was AMAZING! However, I did not have the most enjoyable snorkeling experience. I was attacked by a jellyfish that copped a feel with my chest. The sting and bump lasted about 2hours then was gone. Didn’t see any fish but I haven’t given up on snorkeling just yet.

Scene of the jelly fish attack.


The Captain and Crew

And is this Davy Jones?



Back at the resort, Lee and I took a walk on the beach to snap photos of each other and our interesting findings on the beach.

Hermit crab


At night we went back to Tamarindo to eat at the El Coconut! We met the owner who was so sweet and all I can say is, GO THERE if you get the chance! The food was amazing and for desert we had a flaming banana!

Day 3:

As a big group went to a local school and played games with the children and helped to build a playground for them. The children were all so beautiful and full of life. I really had a great time using my 4 years of Spanish that I had taken 10+ years ago… (Which was no help), but was fun!

Teachers hard at work


After I got back to the resort I took a stroll on the beach by myself with my 5D and took some nature shots. Some of which will be printed on a large canvas for display.

Aloe plant

Huge dead blowfish, was the size of a football!

At night it was time to get all fancy and gussyed up for the awards dinner. The production value was great and they even had a guest singer,  Michael Grimm who was the winner of the America’s Got talent 2010. He is a very cool guy and I even got my photo with him the next day.


We clean up nice!

HAHAH! I don’t know about this photo but I just had to put it in.

Michael Grimm Folks!


Day 4:

Tamarindo Beach! Time to do a little shopping for trinkets and what not for the folks back home!

While there I had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful and very talented woman named Shari. She met Lee and I for lunch at a place called Pangas! Oh my goodness, the food and conversation with her was one I will remember for the rest of my life! We had been introduced via email though a friend of mine, Michael, who had met her at a festival. She told me about her life and how she ended up in Costa Rica and also talked about her script that was being submitted to festivals. After lunch, I was sad we had to part ways but told her I would be back. She e-mailed me the script and it was one of the most moving scripts I have read in a really long time. I hope this script will be made into a film. Not saying anymore about it other than I would love to act in it if I had the chance!

After that, Lee and I walked the beach and I snapped photos of shells and surfers and all sorts of things.

 My camera and a tasty beverage. Yes, life is always better with rum!

Clay bird toys


Guy selling Cuban cigars

First salt and pepper shaker I had seen on the whole trip!


Me and Shari an amazing woman! I will see you again soon!

My food at Pangas yummy!

Very neat hanging lights at pangas. Would have love to seen this place at night.

I just love how these surfer pics came out! They might just be my favorites from the trip!

Some hottie surfer girls!


We headed back to the resort and was told since it was our last day we really had to see this place called Lola’s. So I rented a cab for $75 which was a 15-minute ride there and 15 back,yea, pretty steep I thought! But it was worth it!  Lee had nachos and a smoothie while I munched on fries and a smoothie. Met a sweet dog that once I gave him a few of my fries followed me to the beach for some portraits.  Also, they have a huge pig called Lolita who swims in the ocean. Here is some history on Lola’s bottom line GO THERE when you are in Costa Rica.

Just look at that face!

Salty dog! 🙂

Hey Coca-Cola you can buy this from me if you would like! 🙂

Lee all passed out!


At night there was a farewell beach party for everyone, however; no one was really dancing. So, I went to pack my bags which I knew I would have to sit on to zip all the mess in there. It was quite a sight!


Day 5:

Leaving the resort. Sad to go but know I will go back and make a trip to see the rainforests and volcanoes. The Pacific side was quite dry, and some parts were on fire. Not kidding! Our trip was so full of activities it was hard to make a day trip anywhere. However the whole trip is one I will never forget!



Mermaid for a few moments.  

Thanks for checking out my pics!

I love Costa Rica!