RVA United Video

This is a video project Images in Play has been working on for months and it has turned out awesome! I was contacted by my dear friend Lee Mitchell who is part of RVA United. He needed a video to promote RVA United. I guess I should explain what RVA United is so, I will take a quote from their website…

 “RVA United is a city-wide outreach of 20-30 somethings who want to worship the living God, study His word, and serve together. On a typical night, an United service consists of authentic vertical worship, a message that challenges you to live out the scriptures, and extended prayer time.”

At first I didn’t have a clue what to expect, but Lee told me to show up for one of their set-up/sound checks, which happens on a Sunday. Tuesday would be the worship service. I must say, a lot of hard work goes into RVA United but you have to be there to experience all the passion that goes on behind the scenes. I met Dave Allam, who is one of the worship leaders of RVA United, and he had a ton of great ideas for the video. Just talking to him got me excited to work on this video project!

I recruited Jason Parks, one of the best DP’s in town to help me with shooting and lighting. Together we filmed & photographed 2 sound checks and 3 Tuesday night worship services and then I went solo to film a service day project, which also was pretty awesome! After compiling all of our video footage and interview footage it was time to find an editor.

Now, usually I edit most of my own projects, but this time I needed a touch of help and Jason suggested Bryce. He is a great guy and the man has got skills! So it made it easy to breakdown the edit with him and make this project sing!  Everyone put in a ton of hard work and long hours behind cameras and editing desks and I am super proud of the end product.

Thanks to the team at RVA United for having Images in Play create these videos!  Shout outs to Lee, Dave and Whitney for all your help with the interviews and to Jason and Bryce the best DP and Editor a gal could ask for ! 🙂

 Short form video

Long form video


Here are some links to find RVA on the web! 🙂