A Sweet Ride

This past Saturday I was asked to photograph something a little different. My dear friend from my old job,Paul ,has a sweet ’67 Gold Pontiac and he needed some photos of it for his car club and magazines. Also, one of the magazines sometimes features Pin-Up girls with the cars. I was tickled pink at the opportunity! I quickly did my research and Goggled pin-up girls and old car photographs. I even sent Oletha ,our model , aYouTube video on Pin Up girl hairstyles and make-up tips. Oletha and I even had phone conversations about different clothing options and she did a wonderful job!

Next, I had to find a location for our session. After looking for old gas stations and barns with no luck, I decided to call my friend Danny. Danny always has good ideas and he knows people. Come to find out he had a cousin with a barn out in the Old Church area. After scouting the location ,I decided it was perfect! The day I went to look at the barn a huge rainbow was overhead! That was my sign! Thanks CT for letting us use your farm for our shoot!

Thanks Paul for having me photograph your ‘sweet’ car and thanks Oletha for being an awesome model for our shoot! Here are some of my favorites from the session.