The Diiorio Family

The Diiorio Family was in need of a family photo session and contacted me. We took some photos at a park in their neighborhood and then I suggested taking photos at their home as well. Why? Well, you make a lot of your memories there and that’s where you can relax and just be…at home. HAHA!

Spending the day at the Diiorio home was great! I got to watch their youngest wake up from his nap all smiles and then have lunch where he was holding his bottle all by himself. The oldest had a tea party with her fancy tea set and I enjoyed listing to her read a book aloud. These are the little moments in time that don’t last forever. Soon after I finished editing the photos, their baby went from crawling to standing and soon he will be running I am sure of it!

It is an honor when I photograph a family and be witness to these little moments called life. Life is forever changing and you can’t stop these babies from growing, but you can freeze a moment in time with a few sweet images. Thank you Diioro Family for allowing me into your home to capture these moments.