Do you Travel?

I love to travel!  I am based in Richmond, VA and serve anyone within a radius of 25 miles from Richmond. An extra fee for mileage will be discussed if you live outside of this area. 

We have some ideas of our own. Can we try them?

You bet! Come prepared with any props your idea may require, and let me know what you’re thinking. Even its google or Pinterest ideas, I am always up for trying new things. 

What kind of timeframe will our images be ready?

Photo sessions: 1-2weeks

Weddings: 3-5 weeks

Video products: Depends on the project 

I will usually provide you with a sneak peek picture of your shoot usually the next day! You can definitely share this with family & friends.  If time allows and you approve, I will also do a blog of the best images of the shoot on my blog that you can share. Within 2 weeks, I should have all your images professionally edited. Weddings will take up 5 weeks. I will then upload all your images to an online web gallery.