Crystal and her Pugs!

First, a shout out and thank you to Brad for the referral! Love it when I get referrals it’s the best complement I can get. Crystal contacted me about taking some photos for fun and she wanted to include her pugs as part of the shoot. Crystal and I went to Meadow Farm Park, I love that place! My Mom and Dad got married there so it has a special meaning for me. When I first met Crystal I knew this was going to be an easy shoot. She is very photogenic and a wonderful gal to work with.
We started with her shots and then she went home to grab her cute little Pug dogs! Now… pet photography is something somewhat new to me so I couldn’t guarantee anything but I love challenges! They were so darn funny! tongue’s hanging out and heads turning as if asking questions like what are we doing? “Wanna go for a ride” and “cookie” were the best phrases to work with! I am very pleased with how the photos came out and thank you Crystal for the awesome shoot! Here are a few of my favorites!
~*~Dogs leave paw prints forever on your heart~*~


DOGS are like potato chips…you can’t just have one!
unless… you’re a cat person 😉 <3