What should we wear?

SO glad you asked! In general: Just remember that these photos will be something that you’ll want to appreciate years from now, so finding the perfect outfit that doesn’t date your photos goes a long way!

  • Keep it simple: Solid colors or simple patterns. Bold patterns distract from what’s really important.
  • Avoid logos: Also anything else that might be distracting and date a photograph. A little trendy is ok…just don’t over-do it. People’s eyes will go right to the logo.
  • Shoes: Some of the shots will no doubt show your feet, so be aware of what you put on them. For children, please no cartoon character sneakers! I love Mickey Mouse and anything Disney but it tends to look tacky. If it’s warmish weather or summer, go for sandals or something more open. The best idea most times is bare feet. If it’s winter, how about some cute, stylish boots…both for the kids and the adults!

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